Locking wheel nuts. A useful anti-theft device and fitted to most modern cars with alloy wheels. However, what happens if you’ve lost the adaptor key? Or the adaptor key is damaged? You’ve now got a time-wasting, costly problem.

Traditional methods or ‘attempts’ at removing locking wheels nuts such as drilling or chiselling are time-consuming, usually do not work, and are very likely to damage the alloy wheel. Some people go for a brutal solution of hammering a one-size too small socket onto the nut. This can work but you’ll sacrifice a socket.

Reach for the new locking wheel nut remover kit from Laser Tools (part number 8109). This kit lets you remove any locking wheel nut in minutes, without damaging the wheel. And it’s easy to use: first, identify the type of locknut that you need to remove, then the supplied instructions will show which type of locking wheel nut remover to select from the kit.

Fit the remover to the tool, then fit the tool assembly over the locking wheel nut you wish to remove. You’ll notice the tool includes a sliding shroud that protects the alloy wheel. A few blows with a hammer to set the remover into the locking wheel nut, then, using the supplied impact driver simply remove the locking wheel nut. A few sharp blows onto the impact driver is all it takes.

There are a number of different types of locking wheel nut remover in the kit, all designed to work with the tool and impact driver. Covers most designs of locking wheel nut.

Additionally, special adaptors are available for Jaguar (part number 8113) and Range Rover (part number 8114).

As used by leading national recovery services, you’ll wonder how you did without it – available now from your Laser Tools stockist and typically priced at £304.78 inc VAT.

More details from www.lasertools.co.uk ENDS.