Foers Ibex now available as a kit again

John Foers is a long-established name in the UK kitcar industry. As far back as 1977, John was producing his Nomad kits (under the Foers Engineering name) was akin to a mini Land Rover and equally as capable off-road. Around 180 were sold. Another model, the Triton followed in 1985 although wasn’t anything like as successful.

When Foers came out with the excellent Ibex in 1988, the Nomad and Triton were sold on to another Rotherham company, called Dettech, run by Derek Chapman.

In the meantime, John continued to develop his Ibex, a more rugged, beefier vehicle, which has an immensely strong steel monocoques arrangement and based on Land Rover Defender donor.

Foers sold the project to Ricardo in 2004, before buying the project back in 2006 and commencing production again from his new base in Northumberland where he’d moved in 2003.

The Ibex is available in six model variations, 21 different configurations and in either 4×4 or 6×6 forms. John’s son, David now runs the business and is back in Rotherham trading from the company’s original factory.

New electric version coming soon

David developed the latest F8 version of the Ibex along with an exciting new electric version with deliveries expected to start later in 2021.

The ‘standard’ versions use either four- or five-cylinder Land Rover petrol engines or a BMW straight-six 3-litre diesel, although the electric variant promises a big future for the company. The Ibex is available fully built or in kit form.

You can pre-order an electric Ibex now via or by calling 01709 208 588 ENDS.