Along with a Dremel and its various accessories and Sugru, one of the essentials in my garage is the products of Quiksteel. Absolutely essential.

In case you didn’t know, Quicksteel is a reinforced putty that is easy to use, hardens in minutes and has thousands of automotive uses not to mention those around the home. It hardens like steel and can be drilled and painted.

I used it once on the water jacket of an outboard motor and it worked beautifully. As far as I know that motor is still going strong and still has my Quicksteel repair!

In addition to the Steel product, Quiksteel also does one for Aluminium as well as an alternative two-part version.

What I didn’t know until recently was that Quicksteel also does a Plastic Repair version for er, plastic available in standard or two-part forms. A mate tipped me off about that one after he repaired an unsightly gaping hole in a plastic dashboard.

If you have a need to repair something that is subject to high temperatures (standard product is recommended up to 260-degrees C) then Quicksteel Xtreme is the one you need. It will cope with up to 1300-degrees C.

Prices typically range from £7.99 to about £9.99 with more information via or 01273 891 162 ENDS.