This item could be of real interest to kitcar enthusiasts. part of Ricky Evans Motorsport (Glass) Ltd of Tamworth produces a range of standard and heated windscreens to suit all sorts of classic cars which would naturally enough include a few classic replicas, too, no doubt.

The heated option could be a bonus for those that use their kitcars during the colder months as once it’s wired and switched on, small tungsten filaments within the laminate raise the surface temperature of the glass, which is exactly the same thing that the screen on your modern daily driver does.

The company has a large range of replacements available and all listed on their website with prices starting at £194.40 inc VAT. I noticed that among the range are replacements for Darrian T9 and Westfield SEi with the former costing £300 inc VAT.

They can also produce a one-off for you, too, which is where our readers’ interest may well be piqued. You’d need to contact them for full details though.

More information from or call them on 01827 283 688 ENDS.