Once upon a time, you’d find a great cross-section of often quirky kitcar makers in France, Germany, Belgium and The Netherlands. Sadly, most of them are now gone but one survivor still doing very well is The Burton Car Company of Zutphen (24 miles north-west of Arnhem, for reference).

The company was founded as Duck Hunt BV in 1998 by the Göbel brothers, Iwan and Dimitri who created their lovely little retro-styled Citroën 2CV-based two-seater and have sold hundreds since.

You can still buy one as a kit (from €4499) or as a turnkey (from €12,500) and the little Burton has become a bit of an icon. I had great fun on what could be the best kitcar car configurator around on their website. Like the car, it’s casual but informative and lays out all of the many options available.

You can pretty much use all-new parts, donor parts from an old 2CV or a mixture of both with four standard RAL colours available for the body. The beauty of the 2CV scene is that there are plenty of used parts specialists as well as people making brand new stuff like chassis off the shelf.

With any 2CV project, the chassis forms at least 60 per cent of the car and a dubious old frame will fold like a piece of paper. Burton can supply three new variants depending on your choice in lacquered, lacquered and rustproofed or top of the shop, galvanised.

Late last year came news that the company had changed hands for a reported £5m although that and the identity of the new owner hasn’t yet been confirmed.

Although the company has agents in France, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland and the USA there isn’t one in the UK currently although the Dutch factory can supply customers here direct.

In the meantime, find out more at www.burtoncar.com ENDS.