If you work with engines then sooner or later, you’ll probably burn yourself on a hot exhaust and, when you do, it will spoil your day.

Heat protection specialist DEI has now introduced a couple of stainless steel heat shields to offer a bit more protection against accidental burns.

The shields are made from durable 304 stainless steel and preformed with a curved shape to fit most sizes of pipe. The shields feature two layers of stainless steel encapsulating a layer of high-temperature insulation, that has a direct temperature rating of up to 2000°F (approx. 1093°C).

Half inch (1.27cm) high standoffs provide an air gap between the pipe and the shield which makes mounting easy. Stainless steel clamps are included. The air gap also provides a ventilating area that helps cool the hot pipe.

The lightweight shields also feature welded seams for strength and durability and have been shown to block heat and protect components better than most original equipment shields.

The shields have a place on almost anything that has a hot exhaust pipe, be it a car, truck, motorcycle, ATV or even an agricultural vehicle or static engine. However, one of the most obvious uses is a classic or kit car where the exhaust passes in close proximity to the passenger compartment.

Two sizes are available:
10254 Stainless Steel Pipe Shield 4½in x 8½in – £83.34
10255 Stainless Steel Pipe Shield 6in x 12in £113.10

Prices shown are for supply direct from DEI in America and will be subject to import tax, shipping costs and handling fees. UK and European customers are recommended to check local DEI official dealers for prices.

In the UK and Europe DEI’s products can be ordered from www.Demon-Tweaks.com ENDS.