The royal-warranted car care experts at Autoglym have expanded the company’s range-topping Ultra High Definition line with a new product that represents the pinnacle of more than 56 years of advancements in car care treatments.

UHD Polishing Compound is Autoglym’s ultimate paint renovation blend, an easy-to-work cream that is designed to make swirl marks and other light to medium paint defects vanish before your eyes.

  • Autoglym UHD Polishing Compound. Pack contains 500ml polishing compound, 160mm medium foam renovating pad (white), 160mm soft foam refining pad (black), and finishing cloth
  • Professional paint restoration and polishing formula
  • Designed to be used with dual action machine polishers
  • Creates the perfect surface for the application of further UHD products
  • RRP: £54.99

Autoglym UHD Polishing Compound contains diminishing abrasives that have been designed to be as safe as possible whilst still being tough enough to cut through scuffs and scratches to achieve an outstanding finish. Its chemical composition and performance is optimised to be used with a dual-action machine polisher equipped with the included medium renovating pad and soft refining pad.

As such, machine polishing can sometimes require professional expertise, taking into consideration different paint types, the age and condition of the vehicle, and delicate features such as swage lines and trim pieces. However, by priming the renovating pad and starting at a low speed until the cream becomes translucent, the treatment process leaves the product to do all the hard work. The end result is an outstanding gloss finish that in the majority of cases will require no further refining.

Autoglym UHD Polishing Compound is priced at £54.99 and presented in the company’s distinctive UHD packaging. Careful use of this product will provide the perfect base for the application of Ultra High Definition Ceramic Coating and Ultra High Definition Wax.

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