The royal-warranted car care experts at Autoglym are delighted to announce the arrival of a revolutionary advancement in car-cleaning technology. Rapid Ceramic Spray is the new and disarmingly straightforward way to lock in up to three months of hydrophobic paintwork protection on your vehicle.

Autoglym Rapid Ceramic Spray is designed to be used as the finishing element of a normal car-cleaning routine and is equally effective when applied to a wet or dry vehicle. It quickly bonds to painted or vinyl-wrapped surfaces to leave a highly durable, chemically resistant protective coating and a deep gloss finish.

At the heart of this new product is a ceramic hybrid formula that is sprayed on and buffed-off in the same way as a detailing spray. However, while detailing sprays are normally developed to top-up existing protection, Rapid Ceramic Spray provides one of the toughest defensive layers in the car-cleaning industry: the sort of protective, high-gloss finish that is normally associated with ceramic coating.

As enthusiasts have come to expect from Autoglym, the treatment process leaves the product to do all the hard work.

Just a couple of squirts of Rapid Ceramic Spray are needed for each panel, and as soon as the tropical-scented liquid is atomised in this way it begins a chemical process that bonds to the paintwork and hardens into a ceramic-like layer. This clear coating is seamless, non-abrasive and naturally hydrophobic, qualities that combine to provide maximum resistance against the natural environment.

Autoglym Rapid Ceramic Spray is priced at £19.99 and presented in the company’s distinctive and space-efficient rectangular 500ml spray bottle. This durable coating is compatible with the entire Autoglym range.

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