Rebel Performance Machines – stars of the March/April 2021 issue of TKC MAG – has been busy simplifying their kit packages and the first of their models to benefit from their new three stage packages is the tR1ke model.

Stage One is the chassis kit at £4495 and includes the tubular spaceframe chassis ready to accept Yamaha R1 (1998 to 2006 model years) components, ProTech fully adjustable dampers, front wishbones complete with poly-bushes, crush tubes and ball-joints, forged alloy front uprights complete with hubs with radial-type brake caliper mounts, rear alloy bulkhead, alloy centre console and alloy sheet for floor, cycle wing mounting brackets, alloy radiator pipes (for front mounted radiator), twin fuel tanks (two gallons each), fuel cap, steering column and assembly guide.

Next comes Stage Two (funnily enough!), which is the brake and cooling kit. It includes two Team Dynamics Pro Race 1.2 wheels in black fitted with Toyo Proxes TR-1 tyres (an extra tyre for the rear bike wheel not included in the kit), OMP suede steering wheel, column-mounted paddles, front brake discs, Rebel-branded Hi-Spec Ultralite four-pot calipers, EBC Greenstuff brake pads, brake master cylinder, braided brake hoses and hand brake lever.

Finally, Stage Three features the GRP parts and wiring components priced at £3750. This one includes the tR1ke-specific wiring loom, Dominator headlights, GRP pack (choose from red, black, orange, blue or white as standard, other colours by special order), a p[air of GRP seats, four-point harnesses and stainless steel passenger footrest.

Full contents of each stage are listed on the company’s website.

Add the three stages together and the price comes to £11,995 and other than your donor bike and any other additional niceties you want to add, there is your tR1ke for you right there in three boxes.

If you prefer to look at a factory-built example, prices start at £22,000 and David at Rebel PM will be happy to talk through the various options with you.

More information from or 01353 655 192 ENDS.