Is it time to throw a little modern technology at your classic aircooled engine to help tackle the age-old issue of oil leaks?

If your answer to that question was a resounding yes, then check out these rocker cover gaskets for the 1200-1600cc engine manufactured by Wolfsburg West using aerospace inspired AMS 3304 Silicone.

Unlike the original cork gaskets which have a habit of shrinking or cracking, these will remain in one piece and will not deform over time, making them 100 per cent reusable over and over again.

To treat your valve covers to a leak free future give the team at Heritage Parts Centre a tinkle on 01273 444 000 and tell them you would love part number 113-101-481/F/S. Alternatively count out £24.50, look up on your device of choice and keep an eye on your letterbox for delivery a few days later.