Excited about this one. It’s the MST Mk1 – and Mk2 – Escort replica from Motorsport Tools and we have brought you development information on this in the past on totalkitcar.com – just search ‘motorsport tools’ in our onsite search engine.

Developed in association with Great British Sports Cars, the Gwynedd-based rally specialists have been catering for Escort enthusiasts for many years and amongst their parts inventory has lurked replacement panels for the Mk1 and Mk2 plus a veritable Smörgåsbord of other specific parts.

The good news is that the MST models will be available in road-spec so you will be able to pop off down to Tesco or your local Iceland (much more befitting of rally types I expect!) in your road-legal Escort Mk1 or Mk2 replica.

Available in four ‘stages’ (again very apt given the rally background here!) prices for both models start at £82,800 inc VAT on the road, with an options list as long as your arm.

Standard power is a GBS-prepared Duratec 2.5-litre engine producing around 200bhp, Bilstein dampers, AP brakes, ATR throttle bodies, Minilite 13in rims, Kumho Ecsta rubber and Life Racing ECU. Built to rally Type 49-spec you can choose from standard wheel arches or ‘tarmac’ style.

Stage Two adds £12,000 but the car will be supplied in full-on Group 4 spec with ‘flared’ or ‘bubble’ arches and 15in Minilite wheels as an option. If you want to go beyond the Duratec 2.5-litre you can have either Millington Diamond 2.5-litre 300bhp or Ford BDG 230bhp.

Stage Three comes in at £106,800 inc VAT with ‘bubble’ arches as standard and 250bhp Duratec unit although BDG and Millington options are now 250bhp and 330bhp, respectively.

Finally, top-of-the-shop Stage Four is as good as it gets. AP WRC-spec brakes, Reiger 4-way dampers, Millington 2.5-litre Diamond producing 330bhp, Carbon Fibre body panels, launch control, sequential gearbox and more. This one starts from £117,600 inc VAT.

You can find out more information from www.motorsport-tools.com or 01753 357 000 ENDS.