Many companies only offer cylinder heads on an exchange basis. This presents a problem if your old head is cracked or damaged and unsuitable for exchange.

Mini Spares’ ALLOY 5 Port Heads are available on an outright sale basis’ no exchange is necessary. Mini Spares has set the outright price lower than other Mini 5 Port Heads on the market, starting at just £1528.20 inc VAT.

The alloy heads are based on the 12G1805 ‘S’ 940 casting and adapted for optimum power.

Several versions are available:

  • C-AHT347 is the standard head with fully modified porting AND RACE VALVES for fast

road /rally use.

  • C-AHT347RACE cylinder head is intended for out-and-out racing. It is only suitable for engines that have 0.040”, 0.060” or 73.5mm bores and has larger valves.
  • C-AHT348RACE is as above but for 20 thou. oversize bores and offers extra performance on all sizes.

These Mini Spares 5 port heads represent the best on the market for both value and performance.

For full details and specifications see ENDS.