I really like the products made by American company Gold Eagle’s 303 brand. Their stuff comes in what looks like bathroom cleaner bottles but, don’t underestimate what’s inside.

Their Aerospace protectant is a class-leading product that as the name implies was developed for aerospace use. However, spray it on plastic trim and you’ll see a cool, satin finish to it. Plus, it is great at resisting ultra-violet rays. Indeed, it contains factor-40 suntan lotion and will protect surfaces for many months resisting dirt and dust while repelling moisture, too.

I also use it on my leather, which is a bit ‘off label’, after I’ve finished cleaning and protecting and although I can’t recommend that you do that but it works for me. It leaves a smooth factory-finish gentle sheen to my leather seats.

A 473ml spray bottle costs £13 and is available from our friends at www.303products.co.uk or www.slimsdetailing.co.uk or 0333 222 9944 ENDS.