The Watt’s linkage (also known as the parallel linkage) is a type of mechanical linkage that allows the axle of a vehicle to travel vertically while preventing sideways motion. As the name implies it was invented by James Watt and was included in his patent specification of 1784 for the Watt steam engine.

In spite of its long history the concept works just as well today and it forms the basis of the Burton Watts Linkage kit intended for the Ford Escort Mk1/2 (but given the kitcar applications that can use it highly applicable here) made for Burton by GRP4 Fabrications.

The kit features high quality fabrication and machining, top-notch Aurora Rosejoints, TIG welded and zinc plated rods, a cast alloy rear cover for extra rigidity, removable Watts pin and swivel that have been designed for ease of lubrication.

The kit can be ordered as part number MP1211L and retails at £330 inc VAT.

Available now via or at the other end of 0208 554 2281 ENDS.