The days when every town in the UK, almost had a company offering a kitcar build service have gone. I’m guessing because back in the day most manufacturers didn’t offer a build-up or turnkey service.

There are still some good ones – strategically placed in the country it seems – about though. Sussex Kit Cars close to totalkitcar towers in East Sussex is one, while Lancashire-based John Clarkson Kit Cars is another. Across the Pennines in Hull is RoadRunner Racing and they’ve worked on a wide cross-section of cars and makes. Then, located in Coventry, is Martin James of Irntam Kitz.

Sure, Martin calls a spade a sledgehammer but I’ve spoken to several satisfied customers and seen some good cars he’s built and this Replicar is a pretty good example. The car’s owner had started the build before handing it over to Martin to complete (he was given the brief of replicating the look of the original Aston works cars as closely as possible).

Martin set to on the build and also handled the pre-IVA inspection and the result is what looks like a lovely example of the Replicar breed.

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