Here’s a new product that is sure to be of interest to totalkitcar readers.

BDX Bulldog is a highly efficient versatile and effective lubricant/penetrating product, which incorporates the latest anti-friction/anti-wear technology, ceramic reinforced PTFE.

Providing the ultimate in lubricating performance in any industrial environment, from heavy plant to golf courses. Bulldog BDX rapidly combats moisture and corrosion, leaving a clean and lubricated surface. Use as a lubricant on chains, slides and guides, small bearings etc. and as a release agent for even heavily corroded and/or seized components.

The manufacturer’s promise that the product ‘will work where others fail’. Early indications in the TKC Mag workshop are that this seems like a great product that really does work.

A 400ml spray can costs £12.99 and is available now via ENDS.