Trackdays are the safest place to find the limits of your car and your driving abilities. More practice can make you a better driver, but a good coach can help even more. A qualified instructor is one route to go, or you can get Garmin’s Catalyst for real-time, in-car instruction to improve your driving ability at any track, in any car, whenever you want.

The Catalyst takes your driving data and combines it with pre-loaded information about the track you’re on to deliver real-time audible driving tips via a Bluetooth-enabled car stereo or headset. Garmin’s True Track Positioning Technology uses information from the included HD camera, built-in accelerometers, and high-resolution 10 Hz multi-GNSS positioning to generate your car’s actual racing line.

Armed with this information, the Catalyst’s True Optimal Lap Technology displays the driver’s best achievable line via prompts like braking and turn-in points, car position on the track, and more. You can playback the session on the Catalyst’s high-resolution 7in touchscreen; the data gathered can be overlaid so you can compare your latest performance against your previous test sessions. You can even skip to specific laps or individual segments if you prefer.

Other key features of the Garmin Catalyst include:
• Pre-loaded track database includes race circuits from around the world
• Can auto-generate new maps for tracks not on the list
• Automatically interprets data to show the biggest areas of improvement
• Compares performance data from other driving sessions to provide suggestions for improving lap times
• Shows best lap time, adaptive delta time, number of laps recorded, and session time
• Review in-depth performance data on the device or data summary on your mobile device or computer using the free Garmin Connect app