Sealey continuously expands its range of products to bring you the very latest technology in tools and equipment.

They are well known for their innovation, new ideas, quality and value. They have launched many new and exciting products since the release of their current 2019/20 catalogue, so it seemed a good time to create The New Lines Promotion – all of their latest products in one place at very special promotional prices!

The brand new 108-page New Lines promotion launched on September 1 contains over 1360 products, savings up to 51 per cent off list price inside and is valid to January 31, 2021.

The promotion also features the latest competition. See inside for details on how to win a five-drawer topchest with a 139-piece toolkit. The AP33059COMBO is worth £545 and is fully loaded!

Sealey’s complete product range can be viewed on their new website at ENDS.