I used to love a Blackjack chew as a kid. HB Sauce obviously did too as their Blackjack Tyre Slap will have you reminiscing for days gone by.

The product is a high gloss wet-look tyre dressing that unlike some won’t sling itself all over your car when you drive away. I hate that.

You’ll need to wear nitrile gloves when you apply it via a foam applicator as it will stain your hands otherwise, while you need to be careful not to get it on your wheel face either, for the same reason.

Apply correctly and you can stand back and admire your as-new tyres while also rejoicing in the smell!

A 250ml bottle costs £10 with more information from www.hbsaucecustomwaxcreations.co.uk or one of their appointed agents such as www.in2detailing.co.uk ENDS.