If you’re working on your kit or classic car you can always trust Gunson to provide the classic tools and equipment that you’ll need to do a professional job.

They still stock Whitworth spanners for example! Now if you have a post-war British car up to the mid-to-late 1960s, you’ll be familiar with the brass bullet wiring terminals and their connectors. If you are repairing the wiring harness, adding period accessories or even making up a completely new harness, this new set from Gunson (part number 77169) provides two tools that will enable you to crimp the bullets and then fit them securely into their connectors.

Simply remove a small section of insulation from the wire, slide on the brass bullet, then crimp it with the tool. It provides a positive, flat crimp in seconds. If you’ve ever struggled in pushing the bullets into their plastic connectors, you’ll know how awkward this car be, attempting it with a screwdriver or similar, and maybe be even damaging the wire or the connector in the process.

It’s easy with the correct tool, however. This is a pair of specially-shaped, spring-loaded pliers that grip the bullet and the opposite side of the connector — simply squeeze, and the bullet pops in securely. Works with single or double-type connectors. Quick and easy.

Bullets and connectors are available from Connect Workshop Consumables in packs of 50: brass bullets (part number 37641), single connectors (37642) and double connectors (37643).

Professional and period-correct results with this useful set, available now from your Gunson stockist. Typically priced at £58.22 (price includes VAT).

More details from www.gunson.co.uk ENDS.