I am partial to a banana milkshake! Therefore, even though it’s not yellow, I really like Core, the interior detailer from Aenso. However, don’t drink it for goodness sake.

It does clean and protect all interior trim and plastic though, something that a banana milkshake can’t do. Plus it leaves an anti-static effect on all surfaces.

I also noticed that on the cars I tried it on the colour of the plastics were somehow enhanced, which I like greatly.

A smear-free, satin-finish. What’s not to like? I’m sure that although it costs £12.85 for a 500ml bottle the banana milkshake that I had at one of those poncy American burger joints in central London was dearer than that, I’m convinced! Two burgers, two fries and two milkshakes – 38 quid!

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