Citrus Soak Degreaser from Mint Classic is an alkaline-based pre-wash and degreaser designed to effectively remove stubborn dirt and grease.

The smell is akin to an oven cleaner with a hint of lemon juice. Oooh, a bit like Cif, I suppose (other citrus-infused oven and kitchen cleaners are obviously available in a store near you!).

You spray this one onto a soiled area and allow it to dwell. You can go direct or via a cloth. Don’t allow the product to dry though and if required give it a nudge with a wash mitt or soft brush.

It actually is an impressive product from a very under-rated and impressive car care brand. Citrus Soak Degreaser does exactly what it says on the label and a 500ml spray bottle is a bargain at just £6.95.

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