Cal Trump 0f T89 Designs is a skilled engineer and offers a selection of racecars in plans form. His latest project is called the Razorbill.

It is a Lola-bodied sports racer/Formula Libre-style project that Cal says is designed to bridge the gap between kitcar, trackday car and out-and-out racing car and is eligible for a variety of open sport race series, sprints and hillclimbs.

It is underpinned by a ‘self-jigging’ MSA-compliant spaceframe chassis with race-proven suspension and brakes.

A true single donor car using a VW/Audi 20-valve turbocharged engine delivering anywhere between 150-400bhp. Incidentally, the body is an off-the-shelf Lola 492 ‘shell which helps give an all-up weight of 550kg.

A plans-pack costs £475 and you can order – and find out more information from Cal – at ENDS.