I’m a big fan of the products made by the micro-car care company (and I mean that in the biggest and most complimentary way possible), SiRamik.

I really like and enjoy using their SC Mist ‘topper’ or quick detailer and just lately I have been getting some great results on a GRP-bodied car with their Praefulgeo Spray Sealant.

The product uses silicon resins within its formulation and it really is ridiculously easy to use. An average size car can be coated in around 20-minutes.

It can give up to three months protection but the real wild cards in Praefulgeo’s favour are its gloss and its ridiculous ability to bead water. A premium product, a little goes a very long way with a 250ml spray bottle costing £19.99 and a 500ml at £37.99.

SiRamik is available from the company’s retail distributor, High Definition Detail, via www.highdefinitiondetail.co.uk ENDS.