There are plenty of waxes that promise to give your car a butter wet or mirror-like finish.

Most of them hail from America and some of them are really very good indeed. However, it’s good to be able to report on a UK car care brand offering such a product.

The wax in question is from Autobrite Direct and their brilliantly named Carbanuba banana-scented wet-look wax. The smell could well be nearly as a good as the wax!

It really does have an unbelievable banana scent that smells like a McDonald’s milkshake or a Bird’s Angel Delight. I like my car care products to smell great and also like brightly coloured ones. Those are definite considerations in my buying process. They also have to work well though.

Carbanuba definitely is one that works well. It goes on easily, comes off even easier and yep, leaves a very slick finish. It has a high carnauba content and in addition to the carnauba, it also contains montan and microcrystalline waxes.

This is well recommended. Use it as a glaze or even as a ‘topper’ giving your car a quick and effective gloss boost when it needs one.

A 500ml bottle costs £16.50 and is available now from and their appointed dealers. I found a great deal on eBay … ENDS.