DEI’s EXO Series™ Exhaust and Pipe Wrap provides superior heat protection and insulation for pipes and exhausts repeatedly exposed to abrasive or high impact environmental conditions.

Whether it’s hillclimbing, rally or autocross racing, off-roading or dirt track racing, the EXO Series thermal wrap is the most durable and rugged wrap on the market.

Uniquely constructed with a dual-layer design of high temp glass fibre encased in a 304-grade stainless steel exoskeleton, this wrap provides rugged good looks, durability and superior heat protection. The exoskeleton construction creates an air gap between the wrap and the pipe for additional cooling and allows the wrap to overlap and lock together for a tight, secure fit. 

EXO Series is available in both black and tan in either 1.5in x 10ft, 20ft and 30ft lengths.
Prices start at £33.56 plus shipping and tax.

Order direct from DEI in America, or you can search online for a dealer in your area at………

In the UK DEI products may be ordered from Demon Tweaks and Nimbus Motorsport.

For more information about the EXO Series Exhaust and Pipe Wrap or other thermal control performance products, visit ENDS.