I had a Caterham Seven to clean recently. It needed doing urgently. Filthy it was …

I needed an effective car shampoo but didn’t have time to use a pre-wash (snow-foam-type product) one that had the ability to dwell on the car’s bodywork, helping to remove road crud on impact.

I hate car shampoos that dry dirty, looking as if you haven’t even cleaned the car. You need one that removes dirt and is easy to rinse off. If it leaves a nice gloss, then that’s a bonus.

Therefore, I reached for the product of a tiny micro-car care company – Detailers Passion – and their imaginatively named but does what it says on the tin (or in this case bottle!) ‘Wash’.

I like it because it’s ph-neutral and smells suspiciously like cola cubes. Three capfuls in a gallon of water does the trick and produces loads of foam.

Actually, upon subsequently checking I note that Detailers Passion don’t offer this product anymore but do have two alternatives – ‘Sudz’ and ‘Glo’. I suspect they’ll be equally as impressive.

More information from www.detailerspassion.co.uk ENDS.