Loving this little Morris JE Van, which comes from Morris Commercial and features electric power.

It’s not available as a kit but comes fully built only. The van is inspired by the fifties Morris J Van and I think captures the classic looks very well even retaining that unique and charming pear-shaped grille.

The company says that the JE Van can be tailored to suit a customer’s taste and/or corporate activities.

With a more than decent power-to-weight efficiency and the latest in battery technology, the new Morris JE is expected to have a range of 200 miles. Rapid charge enabled, the JE’s charge port is discretely positioned out of sight behind the iconic pear-shaped grille.

With instantaneous torque providing a quick take-off and smooth drive – the efficient JE is described as perfect for all-day driving.

Utilising a unique curved design and body over powertrain configuration, the Morris JE retains the reputation of being a ‘big’ little van from the original J-type. The JE has 5.5 cubic metres of load space, room for two standard Euro pallets, items up to 2.4 metres in length and a payload of up to 1000kg.

With a low floor accessible by two rear doors that open up 240 degrees and a large sliding side door it should be easy to load it up.

The Worcestershire-based company is taking pre-orders now and prices start at £60,000. More information from www.morris-commercial.com ENDS.