When I saw a rare dry day over the Christmas period, I decided to give the brand new and unique HydroSlick product from Chemical Guys a test out. I’m glad I did.

Described as a hyperwax that doesn’t actually contain any wax, it blew me away with its ease of application, lustrous shine and hydrophobic (beading) ability.

Chemical Guys say that it is a ceramic hyperwax that uses a suspension gel that can be used on paint, glass, headlights and chrome. Basically, all-around your car.

They also say that in an ideal world it should be left for a minimum 30-seconds before removing and if you plan on adding glaze, sealant and/or a ‘topper’ to it a period of three hours for it to cure should be factored in.

A 500ml bottle costs £42.10 and is available from www.slimsdetailing.co.uk or via 0333 222 9944 ENDS.