This new combined brake disc and tyre tread depth gauge from Laser Tools (part number 7635) is worth a look. It’s a lightweight Vernier-style measuring tool that offers quick and accurate readings and its compact size allows for access in tight spaces.

The tool is designed to measure the ridge that forms on the outer edge of the disc. Position the tool onto the disc then close it up to both outer faces. Tighten the locking screw, and you have completed the measurement. Now simply press the jaw release mechanism to remove the tool away from the ridge on the disc and the reading will not be disturbed. For complete accuracy, you can read off to tenths of a millimetre.

The tool also includes an easy-to-use tyre tread depth gauge. Press down the probe and read off the measurement.

You’ll find this an easy to use, useful and versatile tool whenever accurate measurements of the brake disc and tyre tread depth are required.

Available now from your Laser Tools stockist and great value: the 7635 brake disc and tyre tread depth gauge is typically priced at £24.07 inc VAT. Always remember to check for the best prices and special offers.

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