Fitting a quickshift gearlever mechanism to your kitcar is an easy and effective modification that makes a huge difference to speed and feel of your gearchanges giving a shorter and more accurate shift between cogs.

This new quickshifter for the Ford Type 9 from Retro Ford is sure to be of interest. Unlike other similar systems which feature steel spherical bearings that can rattle, vibrate and irritate you, this one has nylon bearings that reduce noise and stop your gearstick vibrating.

CNC-machined from high-carbon steel and HE30 aluminium, it’s a direct swap out for the original Type 9 part. However, Retro-Ford points out that the new part should be used in conjunction with an original Ford-spec plastic gear-selector saddle and not a phosphor bronze type.

Priced at £80 this is sure to be of real interest to totalkitcar readers. More from or 01536 204 823 ENDS.