Although it’s never really been away, Marlin’s excellent EXi has been enjoying good sales of late and has been re-launched. There’s also a slight change of name from ‘5EXi’ to ‘EXi’.

The Devon-based company, run by Terry Matthews, has been concentrating on their BMW diesel-powered Sportster model in recent months, but have now turned their attention to the EXi, once more.

It’s a car I’ve always enjoyed, indeed, I spent some time with one at the Nordschleife some years ago and had a great time, aside from running out of petrol on one lap, but moving swiftly on.

These days, Marlin concentrate solely on VW Group mechanicals, meaning the recommended powerplant is the superb 1.8-litre, 20-valve unit fitted to various Audi, Seat, Skoda and Volkswagen models. Plenty of power (circa 200bhp as standard) with massive potential for inexpensive tuning.

The car also uses stuff like gearbox, brakes, driveshafts, flanges and steering column, with the GRP body supplied in a coloured gelcoat finish, meaning that you don’t have to budget for paint.

Front and rear body sections allow easy access to mechanicals, while Marlin also produces the fabricated lightweight aluminium hubs and carriers in-house.

A hugely capable, practical and fun kitcar with a new Targa-top option recently introduced too.

You can start building from just £3120 inc VAT and a DIY budget of around £11,000 will see an EXi completed.

For more information visit or call 01363 773 772 ENDS.