If you are into car audio, the latest product from Pioneer (AVH-Z2000BT) could be of interest. It’s a multimedia player that manages to strike the perfect balance between class-leading functionality, usability and price and it can now be ordered via Pioneer UK.

In line with many of its siblings in the AVH sub-range, the AVH-Z2000BT has been anchored around connectivity and ease of integration, which in practice means that it has been designed to enable you to maximise the functions offered by modern smartphones and other handheld devices – and Apple CarPlay is perhaps the best example of this.

Pioneer hasn’t just nailed its colours to the Apple mast though, which is why the AVH-Z2000BT is also fully compatible with any Android phone (albeit not via Android Auto), allowing for full and straightforward audio and app control via the rear-mounted USB. Doing so links the device in question with the AVH-Z2000BT, allowing the former to be swiftly charged while also permitting access to music files saved upon it, or, if the user is so inclined, audio via Spotify. It’s further proof of the AVH-Z2000BT’s suitably for phone users of all kinds, Apple or otherwise!

Pioneer started out making high-quality speakers so it will come as no surprise that listening to music (from a selection of different sources) is nothing if not straightforward with the AVH-Z2000BT. CarPlay and Android Auto have revolutionised the way their respective smartphone adherents make use of their devices’ capabilities while on the move (while at the same time adding vastly improved safety), and this is never clearer than when utilising Spotify. Indeed, the world’s most popular music streaming application is intuitive to access and configure, while Bluetooth capability allows for seamless streaming of music. The AVH-Z2000BT can also handle other, more conventional media, namely CDs, DVDs and USB devices.

That same inbuilt Bluetooth player is a boon for those who need to stay in touch while driving, with an ability to pair two different phones simultaneously (five devices can be saved to the unit’s memory in total). This means that users can effectively have their cake and eat it, with a device for music streaming via BT audio and one for communication while on the move, all while remaining on the correct side of UK law. Bluetooth also enables automatic phonebook transfer, making the Pioneer AVH-Z2000BT ideal for those that need to be reachable at all times.

Stunning, pin-sharp screens have long been a Pioneer strong suit and the AVH-Z2000BT is true to form, not least as it is a full 6.2in across and supported by resistive touchscreen technology, allowing for precise inputs to be made while on the move. Audio is every bit as significant as the visual tech of course, which is why the AVH-Z2000BT can call upon a 13-band Graphic Equaliser, Auto EQ, Auto Time Alignment, quartet MOSFET 50w max output power, an Advanced Sound Retriever (ASR) and Optimised PCB layout, plus full use of audiophile-grade components throughout.

AVH-Z2000BT has an RRP of £379 and more details are available from www.pioneer.eu ENDS.