Here’s a very interesting new arrival that will appeal to MGF owners or those running some kitcars or body conversions based on same.

Well-known MGF parts specialist and designer, Mike Satur, has recently announced a world first coil-over suspension kit that replaces the often tired Hydragas set-up. Although it was a brilliant design for its time it has always been a compromise due to budget restraints and internal politics at MG Rover.

By the time the MGF came along in 1995, MG Rover needed a cheap solution and fast. So, they pressed the old Hydragas system from the Metro into two-seat sportscar use.

The new MGF Coil Conversion Kit (FCCKit) from Mike Satur will breathe new life into MGF and MGF-based cars by replacing the Hydragas units with conventional springs and coil-over dampers.

The kit features for damper turrets, four springs, four adjustable dampers and four all-new design top arms and bearings and all required fasteners. Detailed instructions are also included. Customers can choose between GAZ or Spax dampers. Plus front and rear camber adjustment kits.

There is also an option with re-designed front and rear anti-roll bars to further improve handling available in ‘road’ or ‘track’ guises.

Prices start at £1075 inc VAT with GAZ dampers or £1152 inc VAT with Spax dampers with more information available from or at the other end of 01782 373 547 ENDS.