Moss Europe has announced new five-speed gearbox conversion kits for the MGA and MGB. 

The kits are based on a brand new Mazda MX-5 gearbox and give the MGA and MGB the slick gear changes that have become synonymous with the MX-5, together with a fifth gear for relaxed cruising.

They are supplied fully-assembled with a bespoke cast bellhousing and casing designed to fit directly to the MG’s engine back-plate. The bellhousing flange has been designed to resemble the standard gearbox thus preserving engine bay originality.

Each conversion kit uses the flywheel applicable to the engine, an appropriate clutch cover and a Mazda OE clutch plate. The installation on the MGA does require the removal of existing gearbox mounts and the enlarging of the gearbox tunnel aperture but for the MGB there is neither cutting nor permanent modifications required. Full instructions are included.

Kits are available for high and low starter MGAs, three-bearing MGB (1962-65) and five-bearing MGB (1965-68). All retail at £2700.

For more details contact Moss Europe Ltd, on 0208 867 2000 or via ENDS.