This new ratchet action pipe cutter from Laser Tools (part number 6736) combines a very handy and compact pipe cutter with a lightweight but very robust alloy ratchet handle.

The pipe cutter is easily attached to the handle which provides a very smooth and positive ratchet action. Although ideal for automotive brake and fuel lines, the cutter will open out to a full 15 millimetres which offers great versatility. For example, it will make light work of cutting a 15mm copper heating pipe.

However, without the ratchet handle, the cutter’s handy size makes it easy to use underneath a vehicle when cutting brake pipes. A few turns are all that is necessary and the result is a cleanly cut pipe.

If access is difficult and there is not enough space to get your hand around the cutter, then the ratchet handle can assist, its compact size and smooth ratchet action mean that tight spaces are not a problem.

A terrific and very useful addition to the toolbox and available now at a typical price of £51.82 (inc VAT) but remember to check your local Laser Tools supplier for the best prices and special offers.

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