The summer in the UK might be short but the hot weather can certainly do some damage to your vehicle’s engine if you don’t keep your cooling system in good shape.

Fortunately, the solution is simple. Just add a bottle of DEI Radiator Relief™ to your coolant and your vehicle’s operating temperature will be reduced by up to 30°f. (16.66° c), the maker’s claim.

DEI reckons that Engine wear will be minimised, the temperature gauge needle will stay away from the red section when sitting in traffic jams and you won’t be bothered by an overheating radiator ruining your day out.

Radiator Relief™ works by transferring heat more efficiently through the radiator than water or water/antifreeze can. The product  also includes a corrosion inhibitor that reduces mineral deposits in the engine. It is the first additive to maintain pH levels, which would otherwise fluctuate over time resulting in radiator core damage.

Additionally, Radiator Relief™ contains an anti-foaming agent to keep the coolant flowing smoothly through the pipes and galleries so that it can do its job without hindrance.

There’s no mixing required, just pour the contents of the bottle straight into the radiator filler. It is totally compatible with water and all anti-freeze products. It is also 100 per cent bio-degradable, non-corrosive and non-toxic. Thus it is safe to handle and store, as well as being totally safe to use in alloy engines and radiators.

Radiator Relief is available for petrol engines, For Diesel engines, with generally larger cooling systems, there is ‘Radiator Relief For Diesels’, which is a more concentrated version.

Both are available in 473ml bottles that retail at £13.16 inc VAT each.
Available from Burton Power via ENDS.