According to the Met Office, Britain has experienced the driest winter and spring in more than twenty years and the third most parched on record.

Water companies are now warning that parts of the UK could see severe drought this summer. Lack of rain over the autumn, winter and spring has meant that river and reservoir levels have fallen much lower than normal for this time of year. The real possibility of a hosepipe ban is now being talked about and the public has been advised that household restrictions could be on the way in some of the worst hit areas.

One essential household activity that may be affected by potential water restrictions is car cleaning. Thankfully, British start-up Smart Polish Pro has developed a revolutionary car care formula that would mean a showroom shine is possible even during a hosepipe ban.

Their Waterless Wash and Wax has been chemically engineered in the UK using a unique carnauba wax mixture. This quick and easy, eco-friendly car wash contains no nasty chemicals meaning gardens and nearby drains are not disturbed. It is already a household-name in California and Germany were there are permanent hosepipe bans.

Smart Polish Pro Waterless Wash and Wax costs £15.99 and is available from ENDS.