Pioneer has released details of its exceptionally powerful – yet remarkably compact – TS-WH500A Active Subwoofer. This unit fits under most front seats to provide fabulous sound quality without sacrificing interior space or comfort. Perfect for those that want stadium sound while still having room for the kids and dog!

The TS-WH500A is a powerhouse both in reputation and, well, power! Based around Pioneer’s revolutionary Horizontal-Vertical Transforming (HVT) technology approach to loudspeaker and sub design, this compact unit really can punch above its weight in terms of output and tech, in the process shaming less accomplished (not to mention bulkier) offerings from rival firms.

Horizontal-Vertical Transforming (HVT) technology is worth looking at in greater detail, as it’s a key development and one that imbues the TS-WH500A with many of its standout qualities. HVT effectively sees a unique linkage mechanism employed within the sub, one which permits the magnet and voice coil of a speaker to be located at both the left and the right-hand side of the speaker diaphragm. Conventional wisdom states that magnet and coil must be placed directly behind the diaphragm, so Pioneer’s new thinking really is just that – new!

The drastic re-design of the TS-WH500A’s internals produces vertical vibrations through a horizontal driving force, resulting in rich, deep and clear bass characteristics. It dramatically reduces unwanted vibrations from less than ideal frequencies, a driving factor behind the distorted musical signal which is all too often a trait of lesser amps.

The TS-WH500A’s compact size actually brings a slew of other benefits, the most obvious being how much is easier it is to install within pre-existing audio setups without first having to relocate other componentry. The 150W, HVT-equipped sub’s slim fit design measures a mere 18×10×6cm (LxWxH), yet offers the same sound pressure level as more traditional, heavier and generally less nuanced offerings. It’s even thin enough to be squeezed beneath the front seats of most cars, out of sight and out of mind.

Powerful, stylish and from Pioneer, a firm that’s done much to make the automotive audio battlefield its own in recent years, the TS-WH500A is a truly innovative product that maximises both bass and efficiency. Ideal for installing in any ICE setup you care to mention, the TS-WH500A is small yet perfectly formed, and has to be heard first hand to be truly appreciated.

Price – from £240


Maximum power input – 150W

Nominal input power – 50W

Built-in amplifier – MOSFET amplifier

Dimensions – 340×60×250mm

HVT and Amplified Subwoofer – equipped

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