Brown & Geeson Ltd – the UK distributors of RaceChip – has announced the arrival of the new RaceChip XLR electronic throttle control, which allows the response and sensitivity of the accelerator to be controlled precisely.

Although the new XLR features some design changes and visual differences to the original throttle response control, the big difference is inside. The XLR now utilises completely new software that is much more sensitive to the response of the throttle.

The XLR utilises an all new nerve-centre called the ‘Brainbox’ which plugs into the throttle pedal, is mounted in the car’s footwell and is controlled via the wired controller connected to the Brainbox.

An XLR Connect version is also available. This allows users to control the throttle sensitivity via the Bluetooth RaceChip App on their smartphone (the XLR Connect also includes a wired controller). Prices start at £189 inc VAT.

More details from the other end of 01268 764 411 or via ENDS.