Everyone’s favourite trim supplies company, Woolies, now has woodscrew double height Lift-the-Dot fastener peg in stock wearing part number 11.

These are replicas of the original long gone items and are not to be confused with the newer ‘machined’ ones, which are on the market. Priced at £2 each you can buy exactly how many you require without any wastage.

To complement these they also have double height Lift-the-Dot pegs with the 2BA thread so you can get a nut on them, which are also priced at £2 each.

It’s worth noting that Woolies Lift-the-Dot sockets are high quality and wear the legend ‘Lift-the-Dot’ on them.

More information from www.woolies-trim.co.uk or 01778 347 347 ENDS.