This useful and remarkably comprehensive 71-piece bit set from Kamasa Part number 56104) is designed to be used with a cordless drill or cordless screwdriver.

Presented in a compact plastic case with protective rubber corners, the set includes nine 65mm long bits, 60 25mm bits, a quick-chuck bit driver and an adaptor for ¼in drive sockets.

The bits are manufactured from strong S2 steel and colour-coded for instant recognition. The nine 65mm bits include Phillips (blue) Ph1 x 1, Ph2 x 1, Ph3 x 1, PzDrive (red) Pz1 x 1, Pz2 x 1, Pz3 x 1, Flat (orange) 5mm x1 and Star (green) T15 x 2.

The 60 25mm bits include Phillips Ph1 x 3, Ph2 x 6, Ph3 x 3, PzDrive Pz1 x 3, Pz2 x 6, Pz3 x 3, Flat 4mm x 3, 6mm x 3, Hex 4mm x 6, 5mm x 3, and Star bits T10 x 3, T15 x 3, T20 x 3, T25 x 3, T27 x 3, T30 x 3 and T40 x 3.

A compact and very useful bit set and available now from your Kamasa stockist with further details from ENDS.