New arrival on the specialist car aftermarket transmission scene is 2Spec Transmissions based in Warwickshire who design, manufacture and assemble gearboxes and drivelines.

They can design bespoke components from a blank sheet as well as produce items to fit within existing casings and their inventory caters for complete gearboxes, limited slip differentials and driveshafts and they can also supply solutions for the electric vehicle market.

Their aim according to co-founder, Chris Hughes (along with his brother, Paul) is to make kit and specialist car owners lives easier by being a one-stop shop for drivelines for their cars and 2Spec caters for all major donor platforms including Ford (obviously), Mazda MX-5 and BMW.

The company can also recondition and/or rebuild donor gearboxes and axles as well as fitting LSDs and gear-kits, while they also offer a servicing package, too.

They are currently working on expanding their range of LSDs and close ratio gearsets and they are looking forward to talking to you about your requirements. Paul and Chris share a passion and a fascination for cars, particularly Triumphs and their careers thus far has spanned electronics, robotic control systems and motorsport transmission design across many organisations and major OEMs.

More information from or 01564 779 010 ENDS.