New from Car Builder Solutions are these chest-beating exhaust sidepipes ideal if you want to give your Cobra replicas instant added muscle.

1.42m long they are produced from 304-grade 1.8mm TIG-welded stainless steel with removable spun end cap with a 95mm diameter beaded tailpipe and 3mm mounting bracket with 11mm hole.

The bracket assembly can be rotated within the silencer body to enable a perfect fit and the silencer is packed with Vetratex wadding to help keep noise sensible(ish).

The four inlet pipes are made with a 75mm welded-in inner sleeve with an i/d of 45mm although if you grind off the seam weld on the end of the tubes and remove inner sleeves this increased the i/d to 50.7mm. They weigh-in at 10.4kg and cost £720 inc VAT.

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