In response to customer demand Webcon has announced the introduction of a range of Air Horns fitted with a coo, mesh element, which will help keep stones and other crud out of your engine as well as looking cool!

The horns are beautifully-machined from lightweight aluminium to ensure a perfect fit and the mesh guarantees an authentic ‘period’ look while ensuring that larger pieces of debris are prevented from entering the carburettor.

The new Webcon mesh airhorns are available as follows:

For 40 DCOE carburettors and throttle bodies
AH4016G 16mm
AH4030G 30mm
AH4060G 60mm

For 45 DCOE carburettors and throttle bodies
AH4516G 16mm
AH4530G 30mm
AH4560G 60mm

All are priced at a very competitive £33.48 inc VAT each.

Available at the other end of 01932 787 100 or from ENDS.