Great to see Craven Moses of 2rike exhibiting in Hall One at the recent Stoneleigh show, a year after impressing lots of people when parked outside with his little sports trike.

The result of that for the skilled engineer was a small handful of order requests and a decision to go into kit production on a gentle, small scale.

The diminutive little 2rike was designed from the outset to accept a wide range of motorcycle donors, although the Yamaha R1 presents a great case for itself. The kit, which costs £4500 accepts a big chunk of the bike as effectively you remove the front forks and wheel the rest into the 2rike structure. As you use the original bike frame it retains the original numberplate.

The result is a trike that weighs in at just 360kg and with 150bhp from the R1 crazy performance potential and the kit package contains the 2rike CDS TIG-welded frame, wishbones, radius arms, steering rack and built-in pedal assembly while you also get all the GRP panels, floorpans and double seat moulding.

Craven reckons you can build a 2rike from around £9000, although a lot of that depends on how much you spend on your donor bike. A jewel-like little device.

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