Keeping our cars looking half respectable in the winter months can be a chore, especially if like me you hate dirty motors.


Waterless polish is a good solution that works for me, while Speed Wax from Muc Off is a good second-coat process during colder months, when really the last thing you want to be doing is freezing outside for hours on end detailing your car!

It’s worked well for me, so I recommend it without hesitation. It gives a high-gloss, almost wet-look shine that doesn’t need a load of buffing and fannying about.

Speed Wax actually has multiple uses, and can be used either as a spray on wax while the car is still wet after washing or as a dry wash and detailing fluid to remove light contaminants between washes.

The advanced, naturally derived ‘high lubricity’ formula will safely lift away dust and light surface blemishes without the need for a complete clean. It’s perfect if your car gets caught in the rain, is kept in storage and covered in dust.

The best part is the price. A 500ml spray bottle costs just £7.

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