When a press release comes in with the heading ‘They say you can’t please all the people all the time, but we are going to give it a go.’ It always makes me sit up and take notice.

The fact it came from Andy Bates at AB Performance was doubly of note. I’ll let him explain…


“As a direct result of our association with Aries Motorsport, over the next year our companies will be expanding our range of cars to offer additional formats of our already familiar bike engines weapons.

“The Arion S2 bike-engined racecar and S2R road variant will be joined by the S3 and S3R powered by a turbocharged, dry sumped, 300bhp, 300 ft/lb Ford EcoBoost unit mounted to a Sadev six- peed sequential ‘box.


The installation will feature standalone MBE engine management with integrated CANbus dash and options for both launch and traction control. To further increase the range available the Arions will be joined by a new Lotus Seven-inspired bodied version in both road and track trim.

Here’s the icing on the cake – both Arion and Lotus Seven-inspired cars will sit alongside the already familiar Sabre G2 mid-engined, bike powered car, which will be further complimented later in the year by the Sabre G3 equipped with the same EcoBoost engine as the S3s.

“In bringing out these additional models we hope to be able to offer something for those wanting bike power, car power, front-engined, mid-engined and in LMP, full body or Lotus Seven-style body formats. Key to these exciting new developments is the appointment of Aries Motorsport as official UK dealer for both Arion and LSIS cars from AB Performance in a move that we feel will benefit not only our company but also Aries Motorsport not to mention our ever-growing customer base.”

Nicely said, Andy. Nothing to add to that apart from sating it sounds like a great move for both operations. More from www.abperformance.co.uk or www.ariesmotorsport.com ENDS.