Just as we closed the proverbial shutters for the week, we heard that the Crendon CR427 project has been taken over by Anthony Hale of Absolute Horsepower, a man well-known for building top quality Cobra replicas over the years including AKs and the UK-spec Factory Five 65 Roadsters that came here a few years back.

The Crendon marque was founded by the gentleman that is John Kerr way back in the late eighties after he’d built a particularly fine Southern Roadcraft SRV8 and then decided to set-up his own company, Crendon Replicas based in Aylesbury.

Never one to suffer fools even for one second, John had definite ideas on how he wanted his cars to be built. On more than several occasions I’ve described a CR427 as a jewel-like Fabergé Egg of a car and they are quite simply exquisite.

As far as John was concerned anything other than a Ford big block FE427 was frowned upon, with Chevy V8s completely ‘verboten’.

John has decided to retire but is confident that Anthony Hale shares his ideas and views on the product and will help the brand develop and flourish. John will remain as a consultant and looking after existing customers. In addition to being a big admirer and fan of John and his work I have also been very impressed with the quality of Anthony’s work and we’ll bring you more on this development as soon as we have it….

In the meantime visit or or call Anthony on 07968 394 396 ENDS.