Bolstering its already comprehensive range of tyres for vehicles of all types and sizes, Toyo has announced the Celsius, a new all-season, all weather tyre.

While the capabilities and traits offered by specialised tyres are certainly deeply impressive, it’s worth taking the time to stop and consider just how amazing more general, all-season tyres actually are, particularly when you bear in mind the myriad different conditions they’re expected to deal with. Joining its already impressive range of all-season rubber, Toyo’s Celsius benefits from the firm’s years of expertise, and all at a price point that makes it accessible to the vast majority of drivers.

Specially developed to excel in all common weather conditions, the Celsius is very much a ‘master of all trades,’ offering year-round safety and comfort, plus the confidence to brake in all weathers.  Not that this broad spread of abilities equates to limited, merely average performance overall – far from it! Indeed, the Celsius’ carefully formulated compound means that it’s just as at home on wet, slippery roads as it is on sun-baked tarmac, and these traits make it ideal for fitment to the vast majority of UK cars.

The launch of the Celsius serves to underline a massive growth in the popularity of non-specialised, all-season tyres, with studies predicating that by 2018 sales will reach 23.3million, a growth rate of 10-12 per cent yearly.

The expanded range covers sizes up to 18in diameter, with 17 all-season sizes having been added to Toyo’s Celsius portfolio in total, making for a total of 34 unique sizes available at the time of writing. The range is slated to grow yet further, with 17 additional sizes set to be added in 2017. Sizes range from 165/70R14 through to 225/50 R17.

Prices will be set at dealer level – but are expected to be in line with Toyo’s other all-season offerings. More from ENDS.